Prepaid plan is a pay-per-use service where you need to pay for the mobile service before you can use it. Postpaid plan means you are committed to a mobile service plan. You are billed for your usage by the end of every month. Both are used by companies and individuals based on various usage patterns and purpose.
Many IoT Solutions require these plans to operate the devices complementing the end-to-end technology solution utilized in any organization from machines to employees to individual.
We provide both prepaid and postpaid plans to organizations that offer their employees’ mobile plan benefits, either paid by the company or through pay and claim.
In addition, companies that utilize M2M solutions which requires sim based connectivity will be able to subscribe our end-to-end solution services.
Some of the benefits of Corporate Mobile Plans include:
• Corporate plans for company paid lines.
• Customized plans for employee and their families.
• Customized plans for use for IOT solutions.
• All-in-one service for ease of billing and usage monitoring.