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In the era of a hyper-connected world, challenges arise when it comes ensuring your business stays up to date in keeping up. As a leader in the era of IOT (Internet-Of-Things), our solutions are proven by major industry players and vital in transforming their businesses.

Altel offers innovative solutions and services in improving connectivity between your customers, assets and business. These fuss free, integrated and smart solutions and services create synergy as you raise to the challenge of the industry.

Smart Messaging

Connect, inform and reach out to all your customers at a moments’ notice through our Smart Messaging service. Create direct marketing campaigns, feedback or even customizable alerts through our versatile and robust APIs and enterprise messaging software suites which you can manage with our easy to use web-based interface.

Simple setup and ease-of-use web based User Interface to build and customize your SMS campaigns
Easy to manage user accounts, contacts & distribution list within the system
Cost effective way to communicate with your targeted audience
Accessible anytime and anywhere
Campaign Manager - convert long URLs to Short URLs, set alerts, reminders, schedule and automate your campaigns
Traffic Analyzer – reporting tool to monitor and understand the impact of your broadcast to provide better insights to make better decisions
High throughput - 10,000 SMSes per second and 24x7 support with best in class SLAs
Support multiple protocols - SMPP, HTTP/HTTPs, XML, SFTP and proprietary APIs
Energy and Utilities
Financial Services (FSI)
Logistic and Postal Services

Smart Tracker

Our Smart Tracker solution uses advanced GPS systems to enable you to manage logistics, fleets and on-ground security via a simplified dashboard. All movements and whereabouts are monitored 24 hours; with status updates provided on a designated time interval.

Set up Point-Of-Interests to enhance the data gather activity into making informed business decisions.

Oversee operational control better
Improve cost management
Increase productivity and output
Real time visibility on usage and performance on the field with high speed connectivity
Multi-platform dashboard to manage your resources
Analytic reporting on resource utilization, allocation, distribution and behavior
Geo-fence your parameters to get notified on any unauthorized movement
Smart and customizable alerts support across all platforms
Optimize maintenance plans by studying the movement of your key assets
Energy and Utilities
Logistic and Postal Services
Waste management

If you have a challenge, we’re here to assist with our solutions and services. Our consultants are ever ready to help.

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